Stanford RA Blasts Unmasked White Students, Says It’s Racist Not To Mask Up

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This just in: if you’re white and don’t wear a mask, well, you’re probably a racist.

That’s the opinion of one Stanford RA, who couldn’t bear the sight of unmasked faces in dorm rooms. The RA sent an email to the 2,400 residents of the Escondido Village Graduate Residences (EVGR) Sunday night, with a direct message to those students who walk around maskless.

“I am compelled to send this email because the overwhelming majority of masking non-compliance I have witnessed in our community has been from white students – a gross inequity,” the RA wrote, via the Stanford Review. “In addition to being a matter of public safety and interpersonal respect, compliance with our community masking requirement is a racial justice issue.

“As a white person who understands the historical relationship between white culture and infectious diseases, and has been personally traumatized by the callousness of anti-masking rhetoric and behaviors in my own life and globally, I find masking non-compliance to be extremely racist, triggering, disrespectful, and immature.”

Two years into the COVID-19 pandemic and now we’re finding out it’s a racial issue?

Alrighty then.

The RA received pushback from students, including one who responded back in a student group chat.

“Not wearing a mask in the building, against the regulations, is wrong. However, there is literally no reason to make it a “white people and their culture are bad” issue,” the student wrote. “Neglecting to mask up indoors IS disrespectful and immature. However, it is not racist and should not be “triggering.” Blaming white students for not masking based on personal observations and insinuating they are racist and want their fellow students to be “killed or maimed” is disgraceful.

“I understand some white people have a chronic need to virtue signal, but perhaps such rhetoric should be left out of emails from RAs. Great job making students of all identities feel welcome in their place of residence.”

That message unfortunately hurt the RA’s feelings, who responded back two hours later. The RA doubled down on their earlier remarks and made an even bolder statement.

“I’m going to respond to you line-by-line, because I found your message hurtful,” the RA wrote. “Doing my job requires me to face reality, including that of the factual experiences I have had with predominantly white people in this building. And because not wearing a mask has a disproportionate, negative impact on people who are not white, it’s therefore racist.

“Besides: Imho [in my humble opinion], white people are racist. White people do racism every day. I simply call attention to the racist behaviors that I have observed. Facts are facts.” 

There you go, folks. This RA thinks COVID-19 only negatively impacts people who aren’t white and thinks all white people are racist.

Sounds like typical racism spewed by this RA.

Written by Nick Geddes

Nick Geddes is a 2021 graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. A life-long sports enthusiast, Nick shares a passion for sports writing and is proud to represent OutKick.


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  1. You guys have become so desperate to trigger white boys you are now writing stories about RA’s in college? Where’s the article about what Donald Trump said in Texas over the weekend and his racist attacks on 3 Prosecutors ? I’ll wait…

    • These investigations against DJT are as pathetic as they are pointless. A total vindictive witch hunt and very efficient usage of taxpayer dollars (sarcasm). And I’m sure that there’s some subconscious level of disliking Donald on the prosecutors’ part because Donald is a rich & ‘privileged’ Orange man, and that hatred is fueling these absurd investigations. So these prosecutors probably are anti-Orange racists; therefore, how is what Donald is saying about them wrong?

      Donald is FAR from perfect and has many flaws but he’s this country’s best president since Ronald Reagan. If he’s the non-Democrat nominee in ’24, he’ll proudly get my vote again #SAVEAMERICA

    • The article isn’t about Trump, you dullard. Yet another of your idiotic logical fallacies. When will you grow a brain? The article is about another white pansy who thinks he speaks for the poor , downtrodden POC. He probably sees “mostly whites without masks” because, news flash, most Stanford students are WHITE. If you had an ounce of brains and any self-respect this white soy boy sissy speaking for “you” would be offensive. Duh

  2. When the tech companies have to start really innovating again, as opposed to creating pregnant men emojis, they will undoubtedly need to leave the Bay Area as the SJWs have created a toxic work and living environment that can’t be fixed; it needs to be figuratively burned to the ground and the earth salted. These tech companies are not creating anything new, they are recycling their old products and old code and passing it off as upgrades and new products. All kinds of new screens and such on cars, computers, phones, etc., most of it just garbage no one ever uses. Eventually, people will figure it out.

  3. All these virtue signaling White sissy pussies should be, #1, drummed out of the White race and, #2, made to reside in a predominantly black community like Compton, North Philadelphia, Newark, etc. for a period of 5 years.

  4. I have an idea, if you think white people are all racist move to a nation where white people are not the majority of the population. I guarantee within a couple weeks you would love to move back to Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, US for example. I heard Haiti is nice. Zimbabwe is glorious. Maybe Somalia, South Sudan, Venezuela, China, North Korea, Iran, those are great places for human rights and acceptance of outsiders. Please move there and write your lame ass blog, Hurt your feelings, grow up.

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