‘Staggering’: Coronabro Stewart Mandel’s Shocked By COVID-Year Losses At Ohio State

Leave it to coronabro Stewart Mandel to find the losses sustained at Ohio State during the 2020 COVID year “staggering.” In a tweet sent out Tuesday, Stew Dog responded to the news that Ohio State lost a “staggering” amount of revenue when it was forced to play three home games in front of family as the coronabros fought feverishly to have sports shut down indefinitely until COVID zero was achieved.

According to a new financial report published by the Ohio State athletic department, the football team ticket sales were down to $7,386 in 2020 compared to $65,978,534 in 2019. OSU athletics took in $106,896,918 during the 2021 fiscal year that included the 2020 college football season. Fiscal year 2020 saw Ohio State set a school record with revenues of $233,871,740.

Quick math shows us that’s a difference of $126,974,822 in revenues from pre-COVID to lockdown, families-only at football games in 2020.

That’s what the coronabros like Stew Dog fought for and now the guy is calling it “staggering.”

Uh, no shit it’s staggering, Stew.

Here are other changes from OSU’s FY 2020 and FY 2021 (the COVID era):

Media rights revenues were down to $40,568,770 from $46,849,461.

· Total athletic department expenses decreased to $170,551,920 from $215,209,566.

· Football revenue declined to $41.9 million from $115.5 million.

· Athletics-related endowments increased to $129 million from $98.6 million.

In August 2020, just after the Big Ten called off fall sports, Mandel tried to rewrite the history of his coronabro ways in a column where he acknowledged the “condescending” tone he’d taken while tweeting about COVID.

“The simplest explanation I can give you is, I’ve still got a lot of fears about COVID-19, both for myself and my family members,” Mandel wrote. “I live in a part of the country (California) that is still being super cautious (bars and indoor dining never reopened, outdoor gatherings are still severely limited), and every university in my time zone has canceled football.

“So it definitely feels foreign and alarming when I see pictures/videos of students at bars or news that a school is going to be allowing 20,000 fans at its games. And so I’m probably projecting some of my own fears in my tweets/comments about that kind of stuff.”

Again, this is in 2020 as the FY 2021 was about to begin.

“For many people — myself included — college football returning will be the most seminal milestone yet. And though I assure you I have neither the desire nor the influence to prevent that from occurring, I haven’t been reading the room with some of my more flippant tweets recently,” he added.

The damage was done. Kevin Warren pulled the plug and Joe Biden tried to pin the blame on Donald Trump.

Now we have the fiscal numbers to see what these coronabro street thugs were fighting for. They got what they wanted. Never let them forget it.


Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. “I live in a part of the country (California) that is still being super cautious”

    Wonder when we will see an article by this asshole condemning Prince Gavin for appearing at a football game without a mask. You know, because he’s “super cautious.”

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