Stacey Abrams Lies About Georgia’s Nixed All-Star Game In New Political Ad

Drop the bait, observe the damage and walk away. That’s candidate for Governor of Georgia Stacey Abrams’ new strategy as she continues to distance herself from the damage of running the MLB out of Georgia for the 2021 MLB All-Star Game.

Back then, Abrams had a different strategy: destroy Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s reputation by labeling the state’s voter requirement laws “Jim Crow 2.0.” That label encouraged feeble MLB commissioner Rob Manfred to take the All-Star game out of Georgia, which cost Georgians jobs, money and opportunity.

Stacey Abrams’ ad is full of lies

Abrams suddenly realized the damage that her Jim Crow comparison caused. Now, she’s flipping the narrative and accusing Kemp of costing Georgia the All-Star Game. A complete 180.


The ad states:

Brian Kemp’s far-right politics have really cost us. We lost the All-Star Game over his restrictive voting laws, and it cost Georgia businesses $100 million. Music Midtown pulled the plug over his dangerous gun laws and cost us another 50 million undercount. Six hospitals closed, including a major medical center. Now, business leaders say his abortion ban is hurting Georgia companies. Stacey Abrams will keep jobs and opportunity here in Georgia so we can all thrive.

Stacey Abrams runs misinformation-filled attack ad aimed at Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

OutKick founder Clay Travis reacted to Abrams’ new deceptive ad.

Abrams’ platform debated that the Elections Integrity Act would restrict minority turnout in elections to “suppress” the vote in favor of Republicans. Her message was pure fiction as early voter turnout in 2022 drew in 857,000 ballots, a record-high count that was “three times as many as in the state’s primary election in 2018,” as reported OutKick’s Bobby Burack.

Posturing at the expense of Georgians

Current Georgia Governor Brian Kemp went on Fox News after the All-Star Game to condemn Abrams for running the game out of the state. He also said the MLB failed by moving the game to Colorado.

“It’s really ridiculous to inject politics into sports and into baseball, but that’s what [Abrams] did,” Kemp said. “And then they moved it to the state of Colorado. They are more restricted than Georgia is.

“I mean, it just was a purely political decision driven by pressure from Stacey Abrams and a lot of activist groups out there,” he continued. “They lied about the Elections Integrity Act, said it’s suppressive, it’s Jim Crow 2.0. It’s not. We got early voting going on … there’s been no horror stories.”

OutKick’s Joe Kinsey detailed Stacey Abrams’ disastrous messaging and another instance where she attempted to distance herself from the previous platform.

“What a backtrack. It’s too late for poor Stacey. The damage is done, and now she has to answer to the people of Atlanta. CNN, of all places, stands by estimates that moving the game out of the city will cost the economy $100 million. That’s on you, Stacey.”

Well said, Joe.

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  1. Stacey Abrams personifies EVERY over-the-top Negative Stereotype about black women ever illustrated in print or film over the past 75 years. With due “respect (?) to Maxine – Whoopie – Joy – Jemele – Kamala – et al …… This pathetic human being is The Worst!

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