Squirrel Interrupts Cubs-Pirates Game, Shows Off Wheels

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If not for a squirrel patrolling the outfield, it would’ve been easy to ignore last night’s Cubs-Pirates game. Prior to Monday, the clubs had a combined 51 wins between them and the same season-long excitement as a weekend full of PBS programming.

Fortunately for those in attendance and those watching from home, the speedy squirrel did its best to increase the excitement of an otherwise mundane night of June baseball between two non-contending teams.

In the bottom of the second in a scoreless game, the fury creature made its way onto the diamond – no walk out music needed. The squirrel got in plenty of outfield exercise as the game momentarily played on.

See the speedy squirrel cover ground in the video below.


A net, bucket and three groundskeepers weren’t enough to wrangle up the ticketless guest who received a slew of cheers from the Steel City faithful. Even Pirates players looked on in awe, having not seen speed like that since Andrew McCutchen was patrolling the Pittsburgh outfield.

Pirates announcers couldn’t resist joining in on the fun, questioning the method of using a net with large holes in it as a means to trap the creature, and referencing the infamous squirrel that paid an unwanted visit to the home of Clark W. Griswold more than 30 years ago.


Sensing they weren’t welcome inside of PNC Park, the squirrel eventually took it upon itself to race out of the field of play, no bucket or net needed.

The game resumed and the Pirates smacked the Cubs 12-1, but it was the squirrel’s performance that left fans most impressed.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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