Spring Breaker Knocked Out Cold During Beach Boxing Match

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Let me start off by saying that I don’t believe that this was a sanctioned boxing event. It is a tad bit confusing, because as you’ll see in the video, there are a couple of guys wearing the referee zebra t-shirts.

But much like the Oklahoma drills that often take place in these beach circles, this feels like a couple of guys who went to spring break looking for a good time. They’re out having some fun, enjoying their youth. Before they knew it they’re standing in a circle on the beach with boxing gloves on.

Spring Breaker Knocked Out
Spring break boxing match (Image Credit: Fight Haven/Twitter)

Unfortunately, for one of them that good time involves an unplanned nap in the sand. A nap that was recorded from every angle possible then uploaded to the internet for all to see. An all around tough look.

It’s unclear how long the fight had been taking place or if this was the first punch thrown. The video is only 11 seconds long and shows what looks like two southpaws squaring up in the sand.

The two line each other up briefly before the heavy handed guy in red shorts throws an absolute haymaker. The punch lands squarely on his opponent’s jaw and turns out his lights immediately.

The guy in the blue shorts collapses facedown in the sand and the crowd goes completely nuts. Most have their cameras rolling while a couple render aid to the KO’d spring breaker.

The Best Place To Be Is On The Outside Of The Spring Break Circle

This guy never stood a chance. He didn’t tuck his chin, his hands were too low, and he wasn’t expecting that kind of speed from his opponent.

He never even reacted to the fist rocketing towards his head. In other words, he should have never been in the middle of this circle.

He has to have gotten caught up in all of the excitement and without putting any thought into what he was about to do.

Everyone knows the best place to be is on the outside of the circle witnessing the action. After this let’s hope the guy in the blue trunks learned this lesson.

Written by Sean Joseph

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