Details on ESPN Bringing Back SportsNation

ESPN is relaunching SportsNation on its streaming platform ESPN+ with Taylor Twellman, Ashley Brewer and Treavor Scales, sources tell OutKick.

SportsNation on ESPN+ will debut in January, ESPN said at December’s Disney Investor Day while announcing the platform’s plans for 2021. The show will be available weekday mornings at 6 a.m. ET.

ESPN declined to comment on the news.

The move is another step in the network’s plan to build programming for ESPN+, a focal point of the company’s future. Recently, ESPN+ added ESPN Radio’s video simulcasts, a gambling show with Mike Greenberg, and announced that Stephen A. Smith and Sage Steele will next launch individual streaming programs.

ESPN canceled SportsNation on linear television in 2018 to clear a spot for its expensive project, High Noon with Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre, which due to poor ratings was moved from 12 p.m. ET. High Noon was later canceled completely as its ratings continued to tank, proving SportsNation‘s subtraction to be a mistake. 

ESPN has kept active SportsNation’s popular Twitter account with over 5 million followers. SportsNation‘s past hosts include Max Kellerman, Colin Cowherd, Charissa Thompson, Michelle Beadle and Marcellus Wiley.

Moving forward, media sources expect more shows and hosts to join SportsNation on ESPN+.

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  1. “expensive investment in High Noon with Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre”

    Whoever green-lighted that expensive investment should have been given their walking papers. Back when I used to watch ATH, I’d turn the channel if BJ was on the panel. Eventually, the show turned into an echo chamber of wokeness, and became unwatchable (likewise for PTI). Given the ratings of High Noon, apparently I wasn’t alone. The ESPN brand is so toxic now, it’ll be interesting to see the reception of ESPN+ going forward. Except for an occasional big game, I wouldn’t watch anything coming out of Bristol if they PAID me $10 bucks a month to watch it.

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