WSU Lineman Ejected On Atrocious Targeting Call

Washington State lineman Grant Stephens was ejected Saturday night on one of the worst targeting calls we've ever seen.

During the 30-14 loss to USC, the offensive lineman for the Cougars threw a block on a USC defender as QB Cameron Ward scrambled around.

Apparently, blocking is no longer allowed in the PAC-12 because Stephens was hit with a targeting call and tossed.

At this rate, we might as well just put on flags and play without any contact at all if this is how refs are going to officiate.

Was it a big hit? Yes. Did he rock that guy's world while attempting to protect his QB? No doubt, blocking is a huge part of football.

If you're not allowed to block, why even bother playing the game?

Grant Stephens appeared to throw a perfectly legal block.

Some people are claiming this is a blindside block, which should make zero difference anyways, but I'm not sure that assessment is accurate.

It looks like Stephens and the defender were pretty squared up with each other before contact.

It also looked like he initially made contact with the high shoulders before contact to the face was made.

Just an absolutely atrocious call from the refs. We have to do something with bogus targeting calls before the game is ruined.