Woke-Off Continues: Jim Acosta Turns On LA Times For Calling LSU Women 'Dirty Debutantes'

A recent sports article in the Los Angeles Times has CNN host Jim Acosta re-thinking his respect for the outlet. 

Acosta hosted USA Today writer Christine Brennan on his program Tuesday, where he asked her about the oft-cited-for-outrage profile in the paper that referred to the LSU women's college basketball team as "dirty debutantes."

Here's the transcription from Mediaite:

Acosta: "What about, what is going on with the LA Times? You know, great newspaper. I mean, what a dumb mistake. They published this commentary piece on LSU’s coach Kim Mulkey. After the backlash, the newspaper had to add this editorial note to it, saying the commentary did not meet the editorial standards of the newspaper," said Acosta.

"The piece referred to LSU as, quote, ‘dirty debutantes.’ I mean, what?! I– this– I don’t understand how this even got published."

Brennan: "You know, Jim, I was moderating a panel a week ago, the University of Maryland, and I asked all the panelists if Caitlin Clark were black, would we be looking at this in a different way? And let’s be honest, the answer from everyone on the panel was yes in some way or another.

"And, you know, race, of course, is part of, my goodness, our lives. And, I think that the idea that what has happened with Angel Reese and some of the criticism she’s taken- and by the way, Caitlyn Clark gets a lot of criticism, too. So, you know, there’s certainly a lot of people who just want to criticize anyone on social media. Shock of all shocks.

"But I think what we saw there with it, L.A. Times piece, which, by the way, the columnist has apologized. And the paper, of course, as you said, has retracted some of it– is just, the worst of, of journalism. And thankfully they realized that and apologized. But here we are. This is our world, unfortunately, in this, you know, in the 21st century."

Acosta: "Yeah. And the chauvinism, I mean, and I mean, just it’s just, really unfair because, I mean, look at what these athletes have accomplished on the court. It’s really remarkable."

The piece in question portrayed a previous match between LSU and UCLA as good vs. evil, labeling UCLA as the "sweethearts" and LSU as the "dirty debutantes" – a term most commonly associated with porn.

The LA Times and author Ben Bolch have since apologized and removed the phrase from the story. Nonetheless, the circle of emotions from the press regarding the LSU team is quite amusing. 

Let's recap:

One year ago, very few people outside the women's college basketball world had an opinion on the LSU women's team. They couldn't name a single player on the team. Or the coach.

Then LSU forward Angel Reese taunted Caitlin Clark during the championship game last season with the "You can't see me" gesture, birthing a black vs. white narrative via the media.

Left-wing outlets like CNN and the LA Times sided with Reese and LSU, the "black team." Of course, they did.

Then, last month, LSU coach Kim Mulkey threatened to sue the Washington Post, another left-wing outlet, over a forthcoming "hit piece." The collective media criticized Mulkey for targeting The Post before publication. 

But as soon as The Post published its article – an objective dud – the LA Times stole its thunder by calling the team a bunch of "dirty debutantes" days later.

Now, LSU is back to proclaiming victimhood and the corporate media, including Jim Acosta, turned on one of its favorite outlets as a result.


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