West Virginia Coach Drops Depressing Quote As Terrible Season Unfolds

West Virginia coach Neal Brown isn't even attempting to pretend the Mountaineers aren't having a terrible season.

Despite entering the 2022 campaign with high expectations, the Mountaineers have stumbled to a 3-4 record and looked rough along the way. This past weekend, Texas Tech boat raced WVU to the tune of 48-10, and Brown is down bad.

"Probably as disappointed as I’ve ever been as a football coach in my entire career ... This team’s just been a rollercoaster. We played really well against a really good football team last week in Baylor and won the game. And then we played about as bad as we can possibly play the game of football today. It’s unbelievably frustrating to say the least," Brown explained when talking about the current state of the West Virginia football program after the team's latest loss, according to BlueGoldSports.com.

West Virginia hasn't come close to meeting expectations.

To say a 3-4 record is a disappointment for the WVU Mountaineers would be a massive understatement.

When JT Daniels transferred from Georgia to Morgantown, people immediately started talking about whether or not West Virginia could be a dark horse to run through the Big 12.

That hasn't even come close to happening. The team's only wins are against Virginia Tech, Baylor and Towson.

While Baylor isn't terrible, Towson is an FCS program and Virginia Tech is bad. There's no real bright spots so far this season, and fans have every right to be upset.

The fact Brown isn't even attempting to make excuses should tell you everything you need to know. The team is in a bad place, and he's disappointed and frustrated. When a coach says that, you know things are definitely off the rails.

Will WVU be able to finish off strong with five games left? We'll see, but clearly, Neal Brown is not happy.