WATCH: Netflix Drops Preview For Pro Tennis Version Of 'Drive To Survive'

By this point, everyone knows that Netflix's Formula 1 docuseries Drive to Survive did wonders for the sport's popularity. Now, tennis is hoping to see that same thing happen to them.

The series is going to be called Break Point (which some people will 100% get mixed up with Point Break).

It's a perfect name seeing as it's a tennis pun and implies that yes, the world of tennis can push you to your break(ing) point.

Netflix dropped a teaser trailer for the series which will be available to stream on January 13.

We can't glean too much from the teaser, but this thing has the Drive To Survive team's fingerprints all over it.

Which, for the sport of tennis, is a good thing.

Tennis Is About To See A Surge In Popularity

While I've been into racing for most of my life, I didn't get into F1 until my brother attempted to indoctrinate me into it. Part of that process was watching Drive To Survive and let me tell, you it's one hell of a gateway drug to Formula 1.

From there I was watching every session, revisiting old races, and reading books about F1. It became an obsession.

I know I'm not alone in that.

While I haven't loved the last few seasons of DTS, it was still one of the things that helped a lot of us Americans get our foot in the Fq door.

If tennis can get that to even a partial degree, that's a major win for the sport's popularity. I know I'll be checking it out.

It'll probably make me dig the tennis racket I bought at Target out of the garage and try to blast a couple of serves at the community courts.

If this show is a success — which I assume it will be — every sport will be kicking down Netflix's door to do a show. They'd be kingmakers when it comes to popularizing sports.

Remember a few years ago when The Queen's Gambit came out? It made kids go from making fun of the chess team, to playing chess (for a few weeks)!

That's powerful.

Yeah, expect to see a sharp uptick in tennis popularity come mid-January when we all binge Break Point.

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