WATCH: Jaguars Owner Shad Khan Hilariously Falls Asleep As Team Trails, Wakes Up After Jacksonville Touchdown

The Jacksonville Jaguars are the AFC South Champions -- and while everyone in "DUUVALL" is celebrating the team's improbable turnaround this season -- there were moments in the first half that gave fans the pit in their stomach they know all too well.

With 2:40 remaining until halftime, Jacksonville trailed 10-0 to the Titans and tensions were high inside of the stadium. Trevor Lawrence and the Jags' offense were putting together a solid drive nearing the red zone, but it's clear the stress of the moment was too much for Jacksonville owner Shad Khan.

The camera panned to Khan in the owners box just as Lawrence was about to snap the ball on first down.

But the Jaguars' owner was dead asleep.

On that same first down play, Lawrence connected with Christian Kirk on a dime that reached the end zone and the crowd went absolutely crazy, likely triggering Khan to wake up.

After the touchdown and celebration, the camera crew went back to the owners suite and Khan was fully awake, lively and captured clapping and celebrating the moment.

Check out the hilarious moment for yourself below:

Here's another side by side shot of Khan asleep and then awake. It's pure gold.

One thing is for certain, the Jaguars win over the Titans clinched a playoff spot -- a feat that hasn't happened much for that franchise and Khan deserves all the credit for putting the pieces in place and revitalizing the entire organization. That place was rockin' on Saturday night. There's a palpable energy with this team and the fan base is rejuvenated.

Shad Khan surely slept well when he got home after the monumental win.

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