Washington Football Team Won't Allow Fans to Wear Headdresses or Face Paint Anymore

The Washington Football Team has prohibited fans in attendance at FedEx Field this season from wearing the ceremonial headdresses and face paint this season.

I have no problem with this. The team dropped the "Redskins" nickname last year and might as well further distance themselves from their past. Furthermore, most of the fans who planned to wear headdresses or face paint this season would've done so out of protest of the name change. The Washington Football Team has enough issues getting fans into FedEx Field. It's best to keep tensions between the fans there under control.

Other teams have made similar changes of late. Last year, both the Kansas City Chiefs and Chicago Blackhawks banned headdresses and face paint.

Now, like with the Redskins name change, there's always a next. The Left, who controls sports, never stops. Once they get their way, they go further.

There was an argument that Daniel Snyder should've dropped the Redskins nickname. But then the media aimed their efforts at the Cleveland baseball, which will change their name from the Indians to the Guardians following the 2021 season. That's the natural next step.

Nevertheless, there are losers in today's announcement: the fans who spent money on headdresses. Always sucks to waste your cash.

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