Washington Commanders Celebrate Birthday By Bringing Back Part Of Team’s History

Should rookie quarterback Jayden Daniels pee down his leg during his first NFL season, chances are no one will notice. That’s because the Washington Commanders have decided to bring back a storied part of the franchise’s history.

No, it’s not the team’s former name (which rhymes with Schmedskins, but we’re apparently no longer allowed to say). And it’s not LaVar Arrington or Joe Theismann either. 

It’s...wait for it…pants!

Washington announced today that the team is reintroducing gold pants as part of the team’s uniform ensemble for the 2024-25 campaign. 

And you thought we had to wait until training camps opened for any big NFL news.

Not since Clinton Portis was swapped for Champ Bailey has Washington’s football team created such a buzz! 

So why did Washington drop their pants today?

(There’s a Bill Clinton joke in there somewhere).

Easy, they were celebrating a birthday. The franchise celebrated its 92nd birthday on Tuesday, making it the perfect time to drop trou. 

"It may be our birthday but we’re giving you guys a gift instead," read the Commanders’ X account Tuesday morning. Then, roughly an hour later, after some not-so subtle hints, the team dropped their gift to fans – the gold pants.

Along with several photos of current Commanders players sporting gold, the team tweeted (or is it X’d?): "Uniform closet is getting an upgrade."

Washington Commanders Set To Reintroduce Gold Pants

Alas, gold pants and Washington football players are once again paired together like kickers and single-bar facemasks. 

Per the team’s website: "The decision was made after hearing from several fans who wanted to see the iconic look return to the team. The games for which we will see players wear the gold pants have not been determined."

Washington hasn’t worn gold pants since a divisional game against the Eagles in Week 17 of the 2018 season.

And though the franchise has played like a bronze team – at best – as of late (four wins last season), they’ll at least look like gold come fall.

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