VIDEO: Kenny Omega Returns to AEW After 9 Month Recovery

Kenny Omega returned to AEW Dynamite on Wednesday.

He has been out of action since Full Gear 2021 on November 13, 2021.

Omega, the consensus best in-ring wrestler in the world, returned to team up with the Young Bucks in the AEW Trios Tournament.

Fans overuse the term "pop." Kenny Omega got a "pop." Here's his return:

Omega has performed in the match so far with a brace on his shoulder, which we suspect is not part of the storyline but to protect his shoulder that's still healing.

When he left, he had an injured shoulder, sports hernia, vertigo, and several other serious injuries. Get this: he's had five surgeries since November. Five.

And despite all those injuries, he won every award naming the best wrestler of 2021.

Welcome back, Kenny Omega.

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