Victoria's Secret Angel Megan Rapinoe Is Under Fire For Anti-Asian Tweet

Earlier this week, Victoria's Secret clipped its own wings by leaving attractive women in the dust for Megan Rapinoe, who looks like Tony Hawk's sister. Now the new face of Victoria's Secret is in hot water for some iffy tweets back in 2011.

We've never cared about ten year old tweets here at Outkick, but the lame stream media sure does! All we ask is that they stay consistent and hold Rapinoe accountable by ditching this partnership immediately. It's only fair.

"U look asian with those closed eyes!" Rapinoe tweeted.

She was referencing Natsaha Kai, a former teammate and USWNT Olympic gold medalist, and now people are claiming she's anti-Asian. #StopAsianHate (probably)

There's something satisfying about watching the same people clamoring for cancel culture to control society exercise such hypocrisy. Rapinoe isn't likely to be let go as she's now the new face of Victoria's Secret, but why not? Well, it's because she's down for the cause.

Divide and conquer until white people or men in general are begging for forgiveness. You can get away with making fun of the "closed eyes" of Asian people as long as you hate men or white people. God forbid you think for yourself and happened to support Trump or speak out against Fauci, now all instances of poor judgement, specifically on Twitter, call for the loss of your job. Luckily for Megan Rapinoe, she panders to liberal media with the best of them, so she's in a impenetrable bubble of safety.

Where are we headed?

To the dumps, that's where. Models like Adriana Lima, Brooklyn Decker, Miranda Kerr, Lindsay Ellingson, and now Megan Rapinoe? Victoria's Secret is literally committing financial suicide by ditching attractive women to pander to blue checkmark Twitter, and now their new spokeswomen has a sketchy past.

Poetic justice.

We aren't that upset about the tweet because we've all sent a tweet or two that fails to represent our true character. But I do believe we should call for Victoria's Secret to let Rapinoe go -- just to make sure the woke are aren't sleeping on us.

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