Victim Of Mitchell Miller Bullying Incidents Releases Statement

Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, the target of bullying by hockey player Mitchell Miller, has released a statement.

Mitchell Miller was back in the news after the Boston Bruins announced they had signed him to their AHL affiliate, the Providence Bruins. Boston cut ties with him two days later amid public pushback and statements from Bruins players against the signing.

Meyer-Crothers' statement was released through the Hockey Diversity Alliance Twitter account after being sent to the organization's chair, former player Akim Aliu.

The HDA is an organization that works to combat racism in hockey.

"I am Isaiah Meyer-Crothers," the statement read. "I have been bullied since I was in 1st grade,"

Meyer Crothers recounted being one of the only Black kids at his school, before talking about the incidents involving Miller.

"When I went to junior high Mitchell would spit in my face and call me a N word. I stopped telling because they called me a snitch and I would get made fun of. I had to say I was "his n------" to sit at his table and he made me clean the whole table," Meyer-Crothers wrote. "He threw food in my face. I was called "n-----" every day."

Meyer-Crothers went on to say that Miller and his friends bullied and beat him. He then discussed getting several messages from Miller through social media.

Meyer-Crothers Says Miller Contacted Him Last Month

"Middle of October," Meyer-Crothers wrote. "I was being texted constantly everyday till I answered a Snapchat and IG message from Mitchell Miller. He asked me why I always have my parents doing stuff for me and why can't I speak for myself. I told him I don't care what my parents say I'm old enough to speak for myself. He told me he was sorry and didn't involve hockey."

He explained how Miller told him that he was doing work with the youth and wanted to be friends with him. Meyer-Crothers said that when pressed for proof that the was being truthful, Miller failed to provide anything."

"All the lies I have been told from him for so many years I don't believe what Mitchell told me," the statement read. "He kept asking me to be his friend and that he has changed over the years from what he did."

Meyer-Crothers concluded by saying that he had received nasty messages through social media with people calling him names and saying he "needs help."

"Mitchell isn't my friend. It hurts my heart what he did to me. So I just wanted to tell everyone-when Mitchell says we're friends it isn't true," He wrote. "I can't take more of this."

Meyer-Crothers' statement comes a few days after Bruins president Cam Neely's announcement that the team had cut ties with Miller after receiving "new information."

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