UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman Receives Special Invite After Surviving House Fire

UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman is receiving his figurative ‘flowers’ for being one Bad Motherf***er.

Coleman, 59, made headlines last month for his jaw-dropping act of heroism: saving his parents from their burning home, braving intense smoke that sent him to the hospital.

The ex-heavyweight fighter overcame an induced coma required due to severe smoke inhalation, battling for his life amid an uncertain battle.

Coleman rushed into his burning childhood home early in the morning on March 12. He managed to rescue his parents, carrying them out separately from the death trap. He went back into the building on three occasions; Coleman attempted to rescue his dog but sadly was unable to save his beloved pet.

The UFC community rallied around Coleman. His family set up a GoFundMe to cover the fighter's lofty medical bills, which amassed more than $120,000 in donations in less than a week's time.

After spending days in the hospital, Coleman made a miraculous recovery.

Coleman has the toughness to boot, appearing at a nearby gym just a day after being discharged from the hospital. And what better way to celebrate one Bad MoFo than to invite Coleman to UFC 300 for the BMF fight between Max Holloway and Justin Gathje. Coleman posted the update on his Instagram, charmed by the honor of attending the landmark occasion.

Holloway, speaking with MMA Junkie, mentioned he'd love to see Coleman hand out the 'BMF' title at UFC 300 based on his unmatched toughness.

And he's right, no one deserves the honor of presenting the BMF title than Coleman. The event is scheduled for April 13.

"The only correct answer is Mark Coleman. Especially with what he went through recently with his dog and his dog waking him to go save his stuff and he goes in there and runs for his dog? The guy's a G. That's a real-life BMF [Bad Motherf***er]. That would be sick if he did it. It would be an honor to get him to do it."

Dana White did just that, sending Coleman and his daughters tickets for the marquee fight event to commend the retired fighter for his bravery.

"God is great. I am healing up very well," Coleman posted after leaving the hospital.

"I'm one of the luckiest men in the world."

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