UCLA Move To Big 10 Could Be Blocked This Month, 'Process Is Unpredictable'

UCLA's move to the Big 10 could be in jeopardy, depending on the University of California Board of Regents.

The board will meet later this month and is "expected to decide whether to block the school's planned move to the Big Ten," according to The Mercury News.

While a decision to stop the move seems unlikely, it's not out of the realm of possibility.

The Mercury News quoted a source saying that "everything about the process is unpredictable."

This comes several months after California Governor Gavin Newsom demanded an explanation and threatened the school.


With the next board meeting scheduled for Nov. 15-17, a final decision could come soon.

Regents Have Authority over UCLA

When news broke that UCLA and USC would join the Big 10, it was assumed they had the authority to decide for themselves.

That turned out to be inaccurate.

According to the conference's general counsel, the UC Regents have the ability to overrule the school and block the move.

The Pac-12 commissioner has repeatedly claimed that the school's communities don't want to leave the conference. Although he might not have seen USC coach Lincoln Riley's justified fury over Pac-12 officiating.

Bill Walton, one of the more famous UCLA Bruins, has come out against the move to the Big Ten. Walton claims that virtually no one he's spoken to supports the school's decision.

According to the Mercury News, there are other options on the table beyond just blocking UCLA's departure entirely.

Another possibility is that the board forces UCLA to compensate Cal for future media rights loss.

The story quotes one regent's concerns,"I’m very concerned about the financial impact to Cal-Berkeley and to make sure whatever new revenue might be achieved envisions a scenario to help offset (Cal’s) need."

If the board does decide to block the move, it could pave the way for any number of lawsuits. For that reason alone, it seems hard to believe they'd prevent the move from happening as scheduled.

Forcing the school to stay would create further bad blood with the conference. Not to mention embroiling both parties in lengthy legal proceedings.

Seeing as USC's move can't be blocked, multiple complications could arise if UCLA is stuck staying behind.

With the meeting just a few weeks away, some much needed clarity is rapidly approaching.

The Bruins take on the Arizona schools over the next few weeks before a showdown with USC on the 19th.