Tulane Trolls Aaron Judge Broadcast Cut-Ins With Incredible Uniform Reveal

Tulane might have dropped the best uniform reveal of the season.

The Green Wave dropped a uniform reveal for the game against East Carolina, but it's not your traditional kind. The program couldn't resist the chance to take a shot at all of the broadcast cut-ins that happened before Yankees star Aaron Judge hit his 62nd home run of the season Tuesday night.

Without spoiling anything, I can promise it's laugh-out-loud funny and pretty creative.

I speak for a lot of college football fans when I say the Aaron Judge cut-ins were totally over the top this past weekend.

We all understand sports media and some fans were locked in on when Judge would hit his 62nd home run. However, people tuning in on ESPN for college football Saturday were doing it to watch football. Fans weren't doing it to watch baseball.

Some might claim I'm wrong, but I was in a packed bar Saturday and fans were booing whenever a cut-in happened. Even commentators were noting how ridiculous the situation was getting.

Tulane found a way to capitalize on the insanity of the situation by teasing a uniform reveal before just switching to a video of Aaron Judge hitting his record bomb.

Did that feel like a nice little bait and switch? Congrats, you now experienced what so many of us felt Sunday.

The good news is that we can now put the Aaron Judge fascination behind us and just get back to football. Props to Tulane for at least giving us something to laugh about along the way.