Troy Aikman Gets Roasted For His Patrick Mahomes Tweet From 2019

In the aftermath of Super Bowl LVIII, Troy Aikman got served on social media for a post of his…from five years ago.

Back in September 2019, a Kansas City Chiefs podcast called "Time’s Ours" (which is affiliated with "The Athletic") held a discussion in which they were trying to determine how good of a quarterback Patrick Mahomes could be. Remember, at this point in his career, he had yet to win a Super Bowl and had just finished his first full season as a starter.

One statistic they used to highlight his potential was that Mahomes had thrown 36 percent of Aikman's touchdowns in only eight percent of his games. That statistic doesn’t really reveal a lot about a player’s career, but when you have a podcast, you need talking points.

When Aikman saw this tweet, he responded with a hilarious roast of the quarterback who, at the time, didn’t have much to his name.

Aikman won three Super Bowls in his career with the Dallas Cowboys, and Mahomes had yet to win a title at that time.

Fast-forward a few years, and wouldn’t ya know it, Mahomes now has as many titles as Aikman himself. Many NFL fans brought up this tweet from the past just to remind him that the one argument he used to prove he was better than Mahomes (Super Bowl titles) now remains irrelevant.

At the time, precious few people would have guessed that Mahomes would have achieved this level of greatness. As such, we can’t really blame Aikman for what he said.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t laugh about it now either.

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