Triple-A Indianapolis Indians Refuse To Change Name Amid Backlash

After a slew of teams across sports named after indigenous groups folded and changed their branding, at least one, the Indianapolis Indians, have stood their ground,

Not only that, but they've also announced a partnership with the Miami Nation of Indians of Indiana.

Indianapolis, the Triple-A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates announced that the Indians moniker will stick around in 2023 and 2024. They've had that name since 1902.

In that same announcement, the team revealed their partnership with the Miami Nation of Indians of Indiana.

The partnership will involve honoring Miami veterans during Native American Heritage Night and support for a Miami scholarship program. It will also include educational opportunities for fans.

“We are pleased to work with the Miami Nation of Indians of Indiana to help educate our fans about the rich history and culture of its tribe,” Indianapolis Chairman and CEO Bruce Schumacher said.

“We look forward to using our platform to educate our fans by acknowledging, uplifting and honoring those upon whose ancestral lands Victory Field is built."

The Indians and Miami Nation Of Indians Of Indiana Formed A Brilliant Partnership

Chief of the Miami Nation of Indians of Indiana Brian Buchanan voiced excitement about the partnership.

“We are grateful to the Indianapolis Indians for the opportunity to share our story with Hoosiers throughout central Indiana,” he said.

Good on the Indianapolis Indians for not bowing to pressure from the woke mob. Even better for the Miami Nation to see the opportunity. I never understood why more groups didn't try to work out deals like this. They kind of solve every problem. Indigenous groups get a platform to share their culture and history. Meanwhile, the team hangs on to the branding it had for over a century.

Do you think it's easy to press the restart button after building a brand for that long?

It isn't.

Ask the Cleveland Indi— I mean Cleveland Guardians, how it's been going.

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