Trevor Bauer Takes Two Court Losses In a Row As Former MLB Pitcher Battles To Clear Name

Trevor Bauer's won a lot of baseball games in his professional career. But he took a couple of significant losses recently in court.

Bauer, who remains suspended from MLB, pending appeal, filed a defamation lawsuit several months ago against his accuser's lawyer.


Now those denials have been at least partially vindicated. A federal judge just granted a motion from the attorney to dismiss the defamation claim.

The ruling, according to USA Today, stated that "Bauer did not meet his burden in showing a probability of success on the merits of that claim against him."

The same judge then turned around and dismissed an effort by Bauer to have his accuser's countersuit dismissed.

Not a great week in court!

At issue were comments made by the lawyer during the process that the pitcher said damaged his reputation and future prospects.

Namely, a claim made to the Washington Post that there was "no doubt that Mr. Bauer just brutalized"
the accuser.

But defamation is notoriously hard to prove. The court system generally protects public comments unless there's clear malice. Apparently the judge didn't think this rose to that standard.

Bauer's Unclear Future In Baseball

He does have a point that the accusations and public statements have damaged his reputation and future possibilities.

It's entirely uncertain whether Bauer will ever play in Major League Baseball again.

Even though the local district attorney declined to press charges, the league suspended him for two years.

That will undoubtedly follow him forever, and it's unclear if teams will be willing to take the PR hit to sign him.

Sports media is overwhelmingly far left and generally unwilling to let the legal process play out. As a result, they essentially determined Bauer was guilty before all the facts emerged.

While the future is still yet to be decided, it's a near certainty he can't be thrilled with these rulings.

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