Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Wins 200-Meter Freestyle, In Record Time

University of Pennsylvania trans swimmer Lia Thomas won a second straight Ivy League title victory: winning the 200-meter meet on Friday over second-place swimmer Samantha Shelton.

Thomas' 1:43.12 time became a record at Harvard's Blodgett Pool, beating the prior record mark of 1:43.78.

The controversial male-to-female trans competitor won the 500-yard women's freestyle at the Ivy League Women's Swimming and Diving Championships on Thursday night. The win marked Thomas' first record performance of the week after finishing with a 4:37.32 time.

Thomas' dominance in the sport has been deemed adverse to women's athletics based on the observable physical differences between men and women across the gamut of competition.

During Thursday's race, an ESPN analyst commented on the all-upper-body technique that Thomas was using to glide by female competitors.

OutKick's Joe Kinsey has closely followed Thomas' transition into women's swimming at Penn.

In an exclusive interview with OutKick, an anonymous teammate confessed to perceiving Thomas' inclusion as a firm disadvantage to biologically female competitors.

"It was this physical advantage that had Thomas’ teammates pleading with OutKick in December to tell their stories and what the sport was up against," Kinsey previously noted. "It’s why an anonymous Penn swimmer told OutKick about Thomas leaving fellow teammates in tears on the starting blocks."

The future of women's athletics continues to sink like a stone.

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