Trans High School Track Runner Robs Female Athlete Of State Championship Bid

Another day, another biological male taking opportunities from deserving females.

Athena Ryan took second place Saturday in the high school women's 1600 meter race at the North Coast Meet of Champions in California. The top three athletes advance to the CIF State Track & Field Championships next week.

So the fourth-place finisher, Adeline Johnson, missed her chance to compete in State by just one spot. A spot taken by a boy.

Ryan, a junior at Sonoma Academy, competed on the men's team in 2021. But he's been running in women's events for the past two seasons.

In Saturday's meet, he clocked a season-record 4:55:91 in the 1600m finals.

He would have finished last in the male category.

The slowest male time in the preliminaries was 4:46:54. The slowest male time in the finals was 4:35:12.

A group of advocates held a banner at the event that simply read, "Protect Female Sports." They were eventually asked to leave and then escorted off the premises. But not before they had an interesting exchange with an angry passerby.

"That is disgusting," a woman yelled while pointing at the sign. "I find that f-cking offensive."

"Which part is disgusting? The women part?" they asked her.

"It shouldn't even f-cking matter," she screamed. "And it's none of your business what someone else does."

Here's a video of that encounter:

But it does matter. And it is their business. It's all of our business.

This raving, mad woman is confused.

Because when mediocre male athletes are able to participate and excel in the women's category, that's what's truly "offensive."

When boys are preventing girls from setting records and earning scholarships, that's what's "disgusting."

But to hell with the ladies, right? As long as the boy feels good about himself.