Tomi Lahren Talks Damar Hamlin, Skip Bayless With Brandon Tatum

On a recent episode of Tomi Lahren Is Fearless, OutKick's Tomi Lahren welcomed political commentator Brandon Tatum.

Lahren and Tatum touched on Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin and the reaction to his on-field collapse. They talked about how people were perhaps too quick to point to the COVID vaccine as a possible factor in Hamlin's collapse.

"We have to be honest about our side. I'm one of the biggest vaccine skeptics out there, but to rush immediately and say, 'this is vaccine-related,'" Lahren said. "I know you have some thoughts on what you saw from some on our side rushing to that conclusion as well."

"Oh my god, Tomi; I'm glad you and me are reading the same sheet of music because this would've been a contentious thing."

Tatum acknowledged that he thinks the vaccine could be responsible for the deaths of numerous, otherwise healthy athletes.

"However," he said. "For the love of god, take a break! The guy was in a violent collision with another player before he passes out. We don't even know if he was vaccinated or not, we have no idea, there was no record of it he has not been an advocate of vaccines on any of his social media. but people are jumping to the conclusions and saying, 'This happens all too often.

"We look just as crazy — in my opinion — as the people who were saying literally everyone on planet Earth was dying of COVID."

"Let the facts play out," Tatum said. "If this boy didn't get vaccinated then what are people gonna say? We just sound like lunatics."

Lahren And Tatum Talk Skip Bayless

Lahren and Tatum also discussed the reaction to a tweet from Fox Sports' Skip Bayless in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

"I've gotta be honest with you," Lahren said. "When I read his tweet and everybody was freaking out about it, I wasn't sure why they were freaking out," before adding that she didn't think the tweet was insensitive.

"I looked at his comments and I said, 'Everybody in the NFL is thinking the same thing he's thinking. Everybody that's watching the NFL is thinking the same thing that he's thinking," Tatum said.

"If the kid had just passed out because he had too much adrenaline or something happened to him and he got up and finished the game, nobody would have any problem with what Skip Bayless said. He was giving an analysis of football."

Tatum went on to say that it would've been wild if someone hadn't brought up the massive implications of canceling the Bills-Bengals game.

"The guy made a statement and he corrected it. It's not that serious," he said.

"People are looking to be offended," Lahren said. "They were waiting for someone to say something offensive — of course they picked Skip — and then there was just a huge thing about it."

"The cancel culture mob comes for everybody and it's just this faux outrage. It's so exhausting, I don't even know where we go from here.

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