Tom Izzo Has A Very Stupid Reaction To The Michigan State/Michigan Beatdown

Tom Izzo probably should have kept his opinion on the Michigan State/Michigan attack to himself.

Multiple members of the MSU football team are currently suspended after they allegedly attacked a pair of Michigan players following a loss.

Police are investigating the situation, and there's a very real possibility charges are filed in connection to the incident.

What did Tom Izzo think of the situation? He's apparently "tired of Michigan State looking like the bad guy" because "there's been other bad guys."

What the hell is that even supposed to mean? We're not sure, but it's the reaction Izzo offered Monday night.

Of all the dumb things Tom Izzo could have said, this was possibly among the worst options. There have been other bad guys?

Who is he even referring to? It's just an unhinged response.

Imagine you're on trial for a serious crime and responding by telling the judge, "Hey, other people also commit crimes! We're not the only ones!"

Does anyone think that would go over very well during the case or at sentencing? The answer is no. The book would be thrown at you if that was your strategy.

Tom Izzo should know better.

Yet, that's what Izzo apparently thinks. Why should we care about Michigan State players attacking guys when there's other problems in America? It makes no sense.

He's a grown man, a leader and a coach. He should know much better than to make a comment like that.

Tom Izzo shouldn't have said anything at all if this was the best he had to offer. An incredibly disappointing spin zone from the MSU basketball coach.