Tom Cotton Blasts Warriors Part-Owner For Uyghurs Comment: 'A Communist's Toady'

Golden State Warriors part-owner Chamath Palihapitiya is "a Communist's toady," according to Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

Over the weekend, Palihapitiya confirmed that he does not care about how China treats Uyghur Muslims. In essence, Palihapitiya admits he's good with the genocide, as long as the NBA makes money in China.

Cotton discussed Palihapitiya's comments with Hugh Hewitt on Monday. Take a look:

Cotton concludes that Palihapitiya's comments are not only deeply craven but deeply ignorant.

"And again, the extent of the remarks belies his weak effort to clean it up. It’s not just a one-off line in a broader interview in which on a topic about which he’s not informed," Cotton goes on.

"He’s clearly very informed about the topic and has very well-defined views. He is a Communist's toady who will do anything to make a buck. You know, there were people like this guy in the Cold War when it came to Soviet Communism."

The NBA responded with a weak press release last night:

Had Palihapitiya said he doesn’t care about George Floyd, the NBA would’ve forced him to sell his team by lunchtime. But luckily, Palihapitiya only belittles Uyghurs.

Props to Sen. Tom Cotton for blasting this creep.

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