Tom Brady To The CFL? The QB Jokingly Floats The Idea

Tom Brady might want to take his talents north of the border.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB is coming off an incredibly impressive win over the Seahawks in Germany, and he's now 4-0 when playing outside of the country.

What's next? He's hoping he gets a crack at playing in Canada.

"I'm hoping I can get to play in the CFL at some point, and really see what I can make of myself up there because things have gone pretty well outside of the country," Brady jokingly said on his "Let's Go!" podcast.

Obviously, Tom Brady isn't seriously going to burn his NFL contract to go play for a fraction of the money in the CFL.

That's simply not going to happen, but it is possible the NFL could eventually play a regular season game in Canada. There's a very passionate fan base for football in Canada, and as we've seen in Europe, people are still obsessed with the NFL outside of the country.

How would Tom Brady do in the CFL?

However, it would be insanely fascinating to see what would happen if Tom Brady actually suited up in a CFL game. The field is much wider, it's only three downs and there's 12 players on the field on each side of the ball.

It's a passing league, which means Brady would probably put up unreal numbers. However, it hasn't worked out well for everyone.

Johnny Manziel went to the CFL and was an absolute disaster. Fortunately for Tom Brady, he's a substantially better quarterback.

While it's fun to think about, it's never going to happen even if he jokingly leaves the door open to the idea. For fans hoping to see Brady play in Canada, the only real option is to hope the NFL starts scheduling regular season games up there. He's definitely not going to be slinging it for the Montreal Alouettes or any other CFL team in the near future.

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