Tom Brady Thinks Aaron Judge Could Be A Two-Sport Athlete

Tom Brady has been around football long enough to know potential when he sees it, and he says he sees it in AL home run record holder, New York Yankee Aaron Judge.

Judge was a guest on Brady's SiriusXM show Let’s Go! With Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray, where they talked about a variety of topics, but eventually hit on Brady trying to get Judge to spend his offseasons in Tampa, running routes for him.

“Obviously having such an incredible year and now on the brink of free agency, I was certainly wondering what it would take to get you down here in Tampa to be a tight end for us next year. So as a free agent, it looked pretty good to me," Brady said noting Judge's size, catch radius, and power; the same power that helped him hit 62 home runs.

"I know you were a great high school football player," he told Judge. "I think, you know, obviously baseball turned out pretty well for you, but I don't know, I think maybe this dual sport athlete we might have to look into.”

Makes sense, Judge is built like a tight end, and the Yankees hold spring training in Tampa every year. Sure seems like a natural fit if he wanted to make it happen.

What say you, Aaron Judge?

"Hey, we can get a nice little split contract, you know what I'm saying? We could find a way to work this out. You just gimme some looks in the red zone and then I can go off and hit some homers after that. We'll figure something out.”

Co-host Jim Gray asked Brady if he truly thought that Judge could've made it in the NFL. The GOAT seemed to think that he could. He pointed to everything Judge has accomplished after devoting so much to baseball.

“Oh, he has all the skills, of course. I mean the size, the speed, the length, the strength, incredible power," he said.

I'm sure if he committed the time and energy to football he would have had incredible success too. But again, he picked the right sport and he's proven to everybody what he's capable of and it's been just a spectacular thing to watch.”

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