Tim Brando Rips Nick Saban's Handling Of Jermaine Burton

Tim Brando wasn't impressed with how Nick Saban handled Jermaine Burton's actions against Tennessee.

The Crimson Tide receiver was caught on video appearing to hit a defenseless female fan, and despite a mountain of evidence, Saban didn't even sit him for a single game.

Instead, Jermaine Burton played the very next week against Mississippi State, and Brando believes it's because Saban knows he can't be touched.

"I thought what happened with Burton was just beyond the pale. Any other player does that, any other player does that on any other team, the conference office suspends the kid for a game. If the coach doesn't do it, the conference does. Didn't happen. Didn't happen, and why? Because Nick is untouchable. Nick knows better to handle it as poorly as he did, but he did because he was upset he lost the game," the Fox Sports analyst and pundit explained during a talk with Jacques Doucet.

Nick Saban continues to take heat for not suspending Jermaine Burton.

Tim Brando is certainly not the only person who has voiced displeasure with how Nick Saban handled the situation.

Saban was flamed across the board for not suspending Burton, and OutKick 360's Chad Withrow called his comments "embarrassing" for the Alabama coach.

I also wrote a column comparing and contrasting Saban's handling of Burton and Mel Tucker's handling of Michigan State players who allegedly beat members of the Michigan Wolverines.

The reality of the situation is pretty simple. All Nick Saban had to do was say that Alabama doesn't tolerate hitting defenseless women and Jermaine Burton would sit a game.

Yet, the seven-time national champion couldn't even bring himself to do the bare minimum. It's beyond embarrassing how the situation has unfolded.

How much longer will the story last? It's probably dying out, but that doesn't make it any less embarrassing. Saban is the most famous coach in America, and as Brando pointed out, he should certainly know better.

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