Three-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Nancy Hogshead Speaks Against Trans Penn Swimmer Lia Thomas

Women's rights advocate and three-time Olympic champ Nancy Hogshead is making waves over her opposition to Penn transgender swimmer Lia Thomas' record of sabotaging competition in women's athletics.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Hogshead — founder of Champion Women, a women's advocacy group — gave her two cents on Thomas' adverse impact on women's sports on the same day ESPN and Good Morning America backed the narrative behind Thomas' inclusion — which supports biological men competing against women.

"We're hoping that we can get sports governing bodies and legislatures and others to care more about fairness than any other conclusion," she added.

"After somebody has been through male puberty, you cannot roll that back. So, it isn't fair," Hogshead said.

With Thomas out of Penn, the trans competitor now eyes competing in women's swimming at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

The history of women's sports is relevant to Hogshead, who represented the United States in the 1984 Summer Olympics, winning three gold medals and a silver medal in women's swimming.

Hogshead stated that ignoring basic biology and embracing woke, progressive ideologies on gender will eventually damage the future of women's athletics.

"I affirm who wants to be for all of her life. Whether it's employment, the classroom, or anyplace else. But when it comes to sports, sports is not based on identity. It is based on biology. That is why we have the women's sports category.

"If sport is not based on sex segregation, and if gender identity equals sex discrimination, we might lose the right as woman athletes to be able to have separate sex sports."

Hogshead, and the majority of Americans, joins a growing call to fight for women's rights by standing up for basic truths ignored by Lia Thomas' inclusion.

"I am not going to allow this generation of women to have to be gracious losers to somebody that has a biological advantage that you can't train for, you can't eat better, you can't find better coaching," Hogshead stated.

"You can't outrun biology."

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