The PAC-12 Might Be In Big Trouble After The Big 12's New Media Deal

PAC-12 programs might earn substantially less than Big 12 teams in the coming years.

The Big 12 landed a new media deal with Fox and ESPN that will pay just under $2.3 billion over six years once the current deal expires after 2024-25.

All eyes are now on the PAC-12 as people wait to see how George Kliavkoff responds. Well, it sounds like he has a massive problem on his hands.

Jason Scheer reported PAC-12 ADs are being told Big 12 schools are expecting a total revenue payout of $55 million under the new deal. That number includes media revenue and any splits from March Madness and bowl games.

The PAC-12 is expected to tap out at no more than $45 million. That means Big 12 teams will be cashing in an extra $10 million annually.

What does all this mean for the PAC-12?

If the numbers Scheer reported are accurate, teams in the George Kliavkoff's conference have a tough decision to make. Do you stay in the PAC-12 or jump to the Big 12 for an extra $10 million a year?

It's not a super easy call. It's a lot of extra money, but is it worth the jump? Over a decade, that's a $100 million question.

Furthermore, PAC-12 teams are gambling on whether or not the Big Ten comes calling for more teams. If the B1G poaches Oregon and a few other teams, the conference could quickly crumble. Teams will want to have landing spots and security long before that occurs (if it does at all).

That might incentivize some teams to leave sooner than later. It's better to be on the lifeboats before the ship is sinking than be left scrambling to find room in one.

Now, we sit and wait to see what the PAC-12 does. Welcome to a truly unprecedented era in college football. It feels like chaos is around the corner at all times.