'The F**king Sand': Another Embarrassing Paul Chryst Story Surfaces After Firing

Paul Chryst's final halftime with the Wisconsin Badgers is one he'd probably like to forget.

The Badgers fired Chryst last Sunday after an absolutely humiliating and disgraceful 34-10 loss to the Illinois Fighting Illini at home. Today is the first game without Paul Chryst as the team's head coach since he was hired prior to the 2015 season.

While everyone is attempting to focus on interim head coach Jim Leonhard, embarrassing stories continue to surface about the state of the program.

Paul Chryst continues to take hits after getting fired.

First, there was a report that recruiting took a major dive under Chryst towards the end of his tenure, and now, a look at his final halftime is downright pitiful.

The Athletic reported that with the Badgers trailing Bret Bielema's team 14-10 at the half, Chryst told his squad it was "time to draw a line in the f**king sand."

How did Wisconsin respond? The Badgers gave up 20 unanswered, finished the game with two rushing yards and Chryst was fired by Sunday.

I think it's safe to say the Badgers didn't exactly respond to Chryst asking players "to draw a line in the f**king sand."

The problems within the program were obvious to some people.

Apparently the situation was so dire, it was obvious in the body language of some people.

“You can sense the body language. There has seemed like an unease and edge that there was never really a discussion about. It just didn’t seem right," an unnamed player's parent told The Athletic.

You almost have to feel bad for Chryst. This is just an unbelievably tough look. He did his best Herb Brooks impression during the 1980 Olympics game against Finland, and instead of winning, Wisconsin got boat raced in the second half.

Not only did Illinois physically dominate us all over the field, but it was clear the team just threw in the towel. Shockingly, it takes a bit more than just words.

Now, Chryst is gone and it's all about Jim Leonhard. Let's hope he doesn't give any speeches that fall flat.