The Door Is Open For The College Football Playoff To Expand In 2024

It looks like there's a real chance the College Football Playoff expands by 2024.

The CFP is expanding to 12 teams no later than 2026, and there's been a serious movement to expand it by 2024.

While it's unclear what the final decision will be, momentum seems to exist to get it done ASAP instead of waiting several more years.

Heather Dinich reported members of the College Football Playoff management committee "think they are close" on a solution and "haven't given up on 2024."

However, everyone involved with expanding the CFP knows the clock is ticking to get expansion done by 2024.

"It's true time is not on our side, but we haven't given ourselves a deadline. It's more important to get it right than to get it fast," CFP executive director Bill Hancock explained after the Thursday meeting, according to ESPN.

Fans want the College Football Playoff to expand sooner than later.

While it's good to know the playoff will expand no later than 2026, nobody wants to wait that long. We want the 12-team format as soon as possible.

2024 is the first available year for the new College Football Playoff field, and the management committee is grinding it out trying to get the job done.

Even if it doesn't change the fact Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State and Clemson will be at the top more years than not, an expanded field brings in more teams.

More teams being brought in means more fans, interest and ultimately, more money. The almighty dollar is driving the decisions. That's just reality, and a bigger CFP field means more cash for everyone involved.

For the sake of the sport we all love, let's hope the College Football Playoff goes to 12 teams in 2024. It's what fans want to see.