Tennessee Football Looks Hypocritical After Offensive Lineman Delivers Oscar-Worthy Flop

Tennessee football and their fans were not particularly keen to the amount of injuries that occurred in last year's game against Ole Miss. During the Rebels' win over the Volunteers, there were 18 stops for injuries between plays and 11 came during the fourth quarter.

There is no rule against faking an injury, so until there is, faking an injury is a smart, legal strategy to slow down the pace of play. Lane Kiffin has made it very clear that he will take full advantage of the loophole until something changes.

He did exactly that against his former school back in October.

After losing the game and going down in flames by throwing trash, mustard and golf balls onto the field, Tennessee fans were not happy with the flopping. Many would say that they were outraged.

That is what makes Thursday night's Oscar-worthy performance that much funnier.

First and foremost, Tennessee has been guilty of faking injuries in the past. It's a smart strategy when your team is in a jam.

Secondly, to point fingers at others for flopping while your own team is doing exactly that is rather hypocritical.

During last night's 49-point blowout win over Ball State, senior offensive lineman Darnell Wright took a hand to the facemask from a Cardinals defender after the whistle. It was definitely a personal foul, but the 6-foot-6, 335-pounder wanted to make sure he sold it.

In turn, he proceeded to stumble around like Bambi before slowly falling to the turf and flailing his body in every which way.

Darnell Wright's performance should earn him an Academy Award nomination, at the very least.

Ultimately, flopping is part of college football and so is faking injuries— at least until the rules change. It's important for the pot not to call the kettle black and enjoy the hilarity that unfolds from these moments. Wright's flop was glorious and we must appreciate it as art.