TCU - A Team That Won Five Football Games In 2021 - Has Players Filming Dumb TikTok Content

TCU's football team needs to get their priorities in order.

Following an incredibly disappointing 5-7 season, you'd think players and head coach Sonny Dykes would be focused on improving on the field.

Well, you'd be wrong! In a video shared by freshman receiver Keagan Cunningham, a trio of Horned Frogs players were dancing around like they were trying to vibe with "Stranger Things."

I don't want to sound like an old man yelling at the clouds, but what is going on in Fort Worth? What is going on with Sonny Dyke's team?

Again, the Horned Frogs won five games last year! Five! The last time TCU had double digit wins in a season was back in 2017.

Folks, Donald Trump was still getting his feet wet as President of the United States back when that happened! That was a long time ago in the world of sports.

Now, it's 2022, the Horned Frogs have a new head coach and fans are expecting the team to be competitive. Instead, they're getting treated to dumb content on TikTok.

Not what people want to see at all!

Best of luck to all the fans in Fort Worth. It sounds like you're all going to need it!

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