South Carolina Player Loses It At Poorly Worded Question

South Carolina player Dakereon Joyner couldn't help but laugh after being asked a poorly worded question.

Joyner plays all over the field for the Gamecocks, and while technically a receiver, fans can expect him to do just about anything.

He's been getting some reps as running back, which could be a fun addition to South Carolina's offense this upcoming season. He also apparently has a solid sense of humor.

Joyner lost at the wording of a question about learning the tips and tricks of playing RB.

"How well would you say you've picked up the nuances of being a running back? Do you like to stick it up inside? Do you like to take it outside? How would you describe yourself as a running back," a reporter asked Joyner during his media availability.

As you'd expect, Joyner was a bit surprised at the wording of the question and immediately busted out laughing.

Dakereon Joyner couldn't help himself.

This is a classic example of a no context viral video fans often see on Twitter and social media. Technically, it was a completely vanilla question.

How is the South Carolina athlete adapting to coming out of the backfield? That's what the reporter was asking. Not complicated at all. It's a very standard thing for a football reporter to want to know.

However, you can expect people to laugh once you start wording stuff in this fashion and ask, "Do you like to stick it up inside? Do you like to take it outside?"

Is it a bit juvenile? Sure, but it's okay to laugh. Last time I checked, comedy is still legal in America. It might not be for much longer, but it is at least for now.

Seriously, Dakereon Joyner's facial expression during the exchange said it all.

Props to Dakereon Joyner for giving fans something to laugh about. It's moments like this one that remind us just how fun the internet can be.