Social Media Grows Suspicious About Adolis Garcia's Jacked 'New Look'

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Texas Rangers slugger Adolis Garcia is known for hitting with power. By the looks of his physique, Garcia hit the genetic lottery, wearing massive ropes for arms.

But the more people looking at Garcia's jacked build this MLB season, the more questions pop up.

In a sport with a spotty history of 'juiced up' players, some are doing a double-take Garcia's way, wondering how the already muscular Rangers All-Star get even beefier this offseason.

During Monday night's 9-3 Texas win over the Tampa Bay Rays, viewers gawked at Garcia's abnormally large forearms and overinflated trapezoid, tacitly wondering if Garcia is on the 'roids.

Social media is undoubtedly suspicious. But is it all noise?

While steroid use in baseball remains no joke, the optics of Garcia raised plenty of suspicion. 

Perhaps it's a case of "Fat Eddie Lacy." (Remember that?) The former Packers running back was caught in an unflattering pose by cameras, causing people to question if Lacy had ballooned up from too many calories. Unfortunately in Lacy's case, he did eat his way out of the league.

There's 'swole,' then there's swollen. Many are questioning whether MLB or USADA should do a check on Garcia.

Coming off his World Series win with the Rangers, perhaps Garcia's physically prepared to repeat this season.

Just four games into the season, Garcia already has three home runs on the year. So whatever he's trying, it's apparently working.

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