Shocking Video Shows Abusive Tennis Coach Assaulting Daughter During Practice Session

An irate tennis coach's physical abuse of his 14-year-old daughter during a practice session in Serbia shook up the tennis world this week. Footage relayed by the New York Post showed the young female tennis player getting struck and kicked by her father after she failed to satisfy his instruction.

It was a shocking display of anger and violence from the vicious father. Despite being filmed in Serbia, the father and his daughter are believed to be originally from China.

WATCH (Graphic Footage Warning):

FOX Sports Australia reported that the father is believed to have been arrested "on suspicion of domestic violence."

Anti-violence advocate Igor Juric shared the video and announced that his team expects to fie a criminal complaint against the coach.

“I can say that I am mildly shocked, regardless of the many terrible things we have seen, this has left the strongest impression so far,” Juric said.

He added, “The reason for this violent behavior was allegedly that one of the coaches, who was working with her at that moment, said that she did not put in enough effort and that she did not want to move, i.e., to do what was asked of her. Allegedly, this was the reason for this crude and brutal violence that happened.”

People on social media additionally reached out to Serbian tennis player and legend of the sport Novak Djokovic to help pursue justice against the abusive father.

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