SDSU AD Announces PAC-12 Media Deal Timeline Update, Won't Confirm If The Aztecs Will Join

San Diego State AD JD Wicker expects the PAC-12 to land a new media deal within the next couple weeks.

The PAC-12 has continued to fight and claw to stay alive, and after months of terrible news, it looks like the west coast conference is finally stringing together a little momentum.

One of the floated plans in order to shore up the conference is to add SDSU and SMU. Will it happen? An answer might come very soon.

SDSU AD predicts PAC-12 media deal will happen soon.

Wicker predicts that a new media deal will be closed and signed off before mid-April arrives, which was believed to be the deadline.

"Their (Pac12) TV deal is definitely gonna happen. I think it will happen in the next two weeks. Then we’ll see what happens," Wicker explained when asked by John Howard if the Aztecs are definitely joining the PAC-12.

It certainly appears SDSU isn't ruling out anything and might be getting ready to make a move.

Are the waters calming?

For the first time in a long time, it certainly appears the PAC-12 has at least stabilized the situation. Over the past few days, it was reported Utah is leading the fight to save the conference, and Arizona's president also indicated the Wildcats would remain with the conference.

At this point, it all comes down to whether or not Oregon and Washington like the deal enough to stick around.

Until fans see some dollar amounts and terms, it's going to be impossible to know. However, it is safe to say things are trending up for George Kliavkoff and his conference. Collapse no longer appears imminent.

Make sure to keep checking back for updates as we have them here at OutKick. The situation definitely still remains fluid. As I previously said, until the ink dries, nothing is official.

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