San Diego Padres Owner Doesn't Care About Money, 'We're Here To Win A Title'

San Diego Padres owner Peter Seidler has his priorities in order.

At least, if you're a fan of the Padres, that is.

If you're an MLB owner competing with Seidler, you may not agree with his belief of actually trying to win.

Seidler has heard other owners publicly disparaging his strategy, notably Colorado Rockies owner Dick Monfort.

He's also almost certainly aware of the league's new "economic reform" committee, which could be focused on a salary cap to prevent further spending.


And he quite simply doesn't care.

According to USA Today, Seidler recently told reporters "We're here to win a title. That's what I expect."

Refreshing to hear, isn't it? The owner of a professional sports team caring about the competitive performance of his organization?

Padres Focused on Winning

He continued by saying he and the Padres don't spend much time worrying about the other owners' opinions.

“I don't spend too much time, if any, thinking about what other people are thinking,’’ Seidler explained. “Truly, I care about what we're thinking in this room in San Diego. To me, it just feels great."

Seidler also realizes that the more you invest in making your product fun and exciting, the more likely it is that fans will show up.

“Our situation is unique,’’ he said. “We have a very sports-oriented and hungry fanbase. We believe that if we continue to build that trust, they will continue to come. It’s about winning. It’s about being exciting. And it’s about our fans, young and old, knowing that they’re going to be able to watch great, exciting players, year after year after year. …"

What a novel concept!

Instead of trying to wring every last cent of profit out of the team, he's focused on winning. Because winning is a desirable goal in and of itself, while also increasing revenue.

The Padres with a $270 million payroll capped season ticket sales at 24,000 because of exceptionally high demand. Meanwhile, the Pirates, for example, in a larger media market, are spending $75 million this season and averaged just over 15,000 fans per game in 2022. Total. Not just season ticket holders.

Building a compelling product matters. And for too many owners, it's became an unnecessary hindrance. Apparently not for Peter Seidler, however.

It's a great time to be a Padres fan.

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