Sabres Jeff Skinner Celebrates His 1,000th Game With A Jet Ski And A Message From Lilly Collins

Playing your 1,000th game in the NHL is a huge career milestone, and the 394th member of this exclusive club will be Buffalo Sabres forward Jeff Skinner.

Skinner will play in game No. 1,000 on Tuesday night at home against the Washington Capitals. The 31-year-old is in his 14th NHL season, the first eight of which were spent with the Carolina Hurricanes.

So, as is the tradition around the league, there is going to be some fanfare and some gifts to mark what is a truly momentums occasion. Sure, almost 400 guys have done it, but do you realize how many players haven't even sniffed 100 games let alone 1,000?

So, what did the Sabres do for Skinner? Well, first they decided to surprise him with a somewhat elaborate inside joke

A few months back. Skinner was mic'd up at practice, and that microphone picked him up talking about how much he digs the Netflix series Emily In Paris.

We don't TV shame here (unless you like Young Sheldon, in which case, what the hell is wrong with you?). Maybe that show is great, I've never seen it. But, man Skinner is trying to sell it to any of his teammates that will give him the time of day.

Well, somehow the Sabres pulled some strings and managed to get a message from the show's star and daughter of Phil Collins, Lily Collins.

"Bonjour, Jeff," Collins said as Skinner watched on an iPad. "I heard that you were a big fan, so I wanted to send you a congratulatory video for your 1,000th game in the NHL.

"Congratulations, good luck, and au revoir!"

The best part of the video is Skinner trying to play it cool through the whole thing. If the star of my favorite show sent me their well-wishes I'd be pretty freaked out.

Although the star of my favorite show — Unsolved Mysteries — is Robert Stack and he's been dead for 20 years, so a message from him would be really wild…

Of course, the Sabres had more than a Cameo video for Skinner. The team got Skinner a brand new personalized jet ski.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you see it), Skinner will be able to use that jet ski out on the lake like he's Kenny Powers soon enough as the Sabres will be missing the playoffs unless something historically kooky happens.

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