ESPN's Ryan Clark Gets Duped By Tom Brady Super Bowl Stats While Crowning Patrick Mahomes As The Best Ever

Ryan Clark has given the nod to Patrick Mahomes as the GOAT among NFL quarterbacks, or, at least he thought he did.

The debate about Tom Brady or Mahomes being the greatest quarterback of all-time ramped up ahead of Super Bowl LVIII, but hit an entirely new level after Mahomes led the Chiefs to their third Super Bowl title in four years. 

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Shortly after the Chiefs completed their 25-22 comeback victory over the 49ers in Las Vegas, Clark jumped on X, formerly Twitter, to crown Mahomes as the best to ever do it.

There was just one problem. The ESPN analyst actually shared Brady's Super Bowl stats instead of Mahomes'.

A user by the name of MisterBrodo got the best of Clark by replying to his post with a handful of screenshots of passing stats from past Super Bowls with the caption "Mahomes stats so far in super bowls."

There were four screenshots in total, which matches the number of Super Bowls Mahomes has now played in. Clark clearly saw the catchy caption and four screenshots and took a random person's word for it sharing the stats as truth.

Clark was quick to delete his inaccurate post after his mentions were flooded with people telling him that he got got.

What makes Clark's error that much more egregious is Brodo shared two game logs from the same Super Bowl. Brady went 32-for-48 in the air for 354 yards and three touchdowns in 2003 in the Patriots' win over the Panthers. He never posted that exact same stat line in another Super Bowl.

Let Clark, a man paid handsomely to talk about the NFL for a living, be a reminder to always check your sources, kids. 

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