Russell Westbrook's Wife Tears ESPN Apart

Russell Westbrook's wife is not pleased with ESPN.

Westbrook was traded to the Utah Jazz from the Lakers in a blockbuster trade, and after the move was made ESPN's Dave McMenamin claimed someone told him Westbrook was "a vampire" in the locker room. It's not even clear what the hell that's supposed to mean.

When ESPN shared the quote on Instagram from the channel's NBA page, his wife Nina went nuclear on the network.

"This is just sick ESPN… Russell is no vampire. This also slander because anyone who knows anything knows that this couldn't be further from the truth. On a personal note, I have school aged children who have to listen to their peers repeat the nasty things that you guys say on television about their father," Nina wrote in part on Instagram in reaction to the post.

You can see a screenshot of her comment in the tweet from ClutchPoints below.

Russell Westbrook's wife is not pleased!

You can't blame Russell Westbrook's wife Nina for coming to his defense. That's what you want out of a ride or die woman, right?

You want someone who is loyal and ready to get into a dogfight if necessary.

Also, Nina was hardly the only one to rush to Russell Westbrook's defense. Multiple major figures in the NBA also commented asking for a source, which is obviously not going to be revealed.

Donovan Mitchell just straight up told ESPN to "stop it."

While critical reports aren't new, referring to someone as a vampire is certainly a bit strange. Again, what does that even mean?

Vampires suck blood and kill things in mythology. Is the claim Westbrook sucked the blood out of the Lakers organization?

If so, that's one hell of a bold claim, and why not just say that directly?

Strange all the way around, but at least one thing is clear. Don't mess with Russell Westbrook or his wife will come for you.