Radio Host Calls For Caitlin Clark To Skip WNBA and Join NBA

Sports radio host Rob Parker, of previous "First Take" fame, says Caitlin Clark should skip the WNBA and join the NBA. 

"I am convinced that Caitlin Clark should play for an NBA team, not a WNBA team," said Parker in response to Ice Cube offering Clark $5 million to play in The Big 3 league. 

"This is not Eddie Gaedel with the White Sox...this is not a side show, this is not the bearded lady at the circus. The NBA right now is so soft as far as physical play. They allow almost anyone to just take three point shots and I believe that she could put up threes in this man’s NBA. This is not 2004; this is not the 90’s, this is an NBA where the three ball is open... It’s open to be had."

Takes like those are why sports talk radio has the diminishing reputation it does. The take economy is bush league.

Plus, Parker's comments do not elevate the public perception of Caitlin Clark. Quite the opposite. 

His commentary created far more negative fanfare for Clark than positive. Other hosts responded to Parker's take by diminishing Caitlin Clark, in comparison to her male counterparts.

Including his co-host, Chris Broussard:

"This is embarrassing for you," responded Broussard. 

"Why isn’t Jimmer Fredette in the NBA? He’s better than Caitlin Clark... it’s not about skill, it’s about athleticism, it’s about size, it’s about strength."

"Speed and quickness. Caitlin Clark is not quick for an NBA player. Caitlin Clark is 6 feet 154lbs and she is awesome but she shouldn’t be compared to NBA players."

Broussard is right. Of course, he is.  Even the most mediocre of male players would school Clark on the court. 

Every honest broker knows that. 

Still, strange it is that we need to state how Clark isn't as strong, fast, or athletic as men – three obvious statements – because she proved so dominant in her own sport that radio hosts need to find an angle juicy enough to stir headlines.

Thus, the conversation should say more about Rob Parker craving attention than Clark's abilities as a player.

Slow news day?  Other takes not cutting through?

Clark is never going to play in the NBA. She doesn't have the choice to play in the NBA. That's not how it works.

The only individuals enjoying the response to Rob Parker's not-so-grand proposition are Clark's fiercest detractors -- like Sheryl Swoopes, Angel Reese, and Gilbert Arenas – by seeing others tear down Caitlin Clark's athletic prowess in comparison to male players.

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