Rob Manfred Was Heckled By A Reddit User During The World Series And It Was Awesome

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred was heckled by a fan during Game 5 of the World Series on Thursday, and it was hilarious.

Making it even better, the confrontation was a crowdsourced effort. The fan went on Reddit and said he would yell whatever was the most up-voted comment on his post.

Power to the fans. Take back what is theirs. Love it!

The baseball fan, who goes by the username "FIRE_CHIP" wrote that he was sitting in the box next to Manfred. After showing proof to some skeptical users, the suggestions began pouring in.

A Mets fan (of course) named "CashTheTurtle," had the winning remark. A blatant callout telling Manfred to stop blacking out and restricting fans from watching baseball.

The result? Sit back and watch:


This video is so perfect.

The callout was the perfect mix between something that was so random it was funny. It's an issue that many fans around the country have been complaining about.

I love the fact that the heckler included the "Dumbass," part at the end. Fantastic poetic delivery.

Also, Manfred's reaction. Someone says his name, he looks over, the guy sitting next to him is into it until the comment is actually said and then his face slowly goes from smiling to being like "oh no."

A successful Internet troll option by baseball fans, job well done!


Baseball fans have been angry with Manfred and the league continuing to make games they want to watch harder to find. Regional network deals have put more games behind a paywall, or blacked them out entirely in certain markets - even when it's a hometown team.

For a sport that is desperate to hold onto a younger audience that is flocking towards the NFL and the NBA, not being able to watch games seems like a pretty significant issue.

In June, Manfred told ESPN that game blackouts were a topic of discussion during owner meetings. "Our No. 1 business priority right now is reach," Manfred said, before adding "Believe me, we hate blackouts as much as fans do."

After last night's heckling video, he will have no other choice. I don't know how a man, yet alone a league Commissioner, can survive a burn like that!

The Houston Astros beat the Phillies 3-2 in Game 5. They now hold a 3-2 game lead over the Phillies with Game 6 taking place back in Houston on Saturday night.

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