Riley Gaines Calls Out Megan Rapinoe In Now-Deleted Tweets

Riley Gaines called out Megan Rapinoe late Monday night before eventually taking the tweets down.

Gaines has been in the news ever since she was brutally attacked and harassed while giving a speech at San Francisco State University last week.

Gaines was speaking out in support of protecting women's sports, and for that, she faced a mob that turned violent. The former Kentucky swimmer needed police protection, and the mob demanded money at one point to let her leave.

However, she's not backing down. The mob against her has always motivated her to dig in and continue to speak out in support of women's sports.

Riley Gaines calls out Megan Rapinoe for "virtue signaling."

Late Monday night, Gaines quote tweeted a tweet from the American soccer star claiming "trans kids" are not the issue in sports, but it's actually "unequal pay, sexual abuse & lack of resources" that is the issue.

Gaines was not impressed, and hit back with, "It's worth noting that 1) you are done playing sports competitively and 2) because you aren't sexually attracted to men, you will never have a daughter to defend. To me, this simply looks like virtue signaling because you have nothing to personally lose."

She followed it up claiming Rapinoe would never tolerate a man taking her spot. The tweets appears to have been deleted early Tuesday morning. It's possible the second part about Rapinoe not being able to have kids caused it to be deleted. Gay female couples can adopt or have children through sperm donors.

Rapinoe's tune would change if biological males ruined her sport.

Even though Riley Gaines eventually deleted the tweets, it's clear she has no intention of backing down from protecting women's sports.

She's also not wrong on her first point that Rapinoe isn't impacted by men taking over women's sports. Rapinoe currently plays in the NWSL for the OL Reign.

She's 37 and nowhere near youth or college sports. Lia Thomas or other biological males destroying women's sports has no impact on her. It only would if the NWSL started letting in biological males.

How quickly would her tune change if that happened? The women's national team lost to a U-15 boys team in Dallas 5-2 back in 2017. Imagine what would happen if some full grown adult men decided to hop into the NWSL. Megan Rapinoe probably wouldn't be claiming trans athletes have zero impact if it cost her the job she's had for years.

Even though her best years are likely behind her, Rapinoe is still able to draw checks playing soccer. That's not threatened (so far) by biological males. If Rapinoe was off the team or got crushed by a man, she almost certainly wouldn't be so flippant in her stance.

Rapinoe and all the others demanding biological males be allowed to dominate women's sports are definitely not impacted by it. Makes you wonder how quickly their opinions would change if that weren't the case. Riley Gaines is definitely onto something, even if she took the tweets down.

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