Ric Flair Hangs With 'Baddest Man In The NHL' Ryan Reaves

Wrestling legend Ric Flair was out on the town last week and tweeted a video of himself with New York Rangers enforcer Ryan Reaves.

The recently retired wrestler was posted up at a bar in New Jersey alongside Reeves, and Flair took a few seconds to cook up a promo for his buddy Reaves ahead of the upcoming NHL season.

Sure seems like good times and a few Michelob Ultras were had by all before even pressing the record button.

"Nature Boy Ric Flair, right here in New Jersey, with badass Ryan Reaves," Flair said, an intro Reaves followed with one of Flair's trademark Woos.

I'm sure that annoyed a bunch of people in that bar, but honestly, who in their right mind would tell Ric Flair and Ryan Reaves to shush it?

Flair called Reaves the "baddest man in the NHL," and he should know because he went on to mention that he used to hang out with the late Bob Probert, who made everyone he played shake in their skates.

"Bobby was the baddest bad boy of all; the enforcer," Flair said. "Now I hang with Ryan Reaves."

There you have it, the torch has been passed.

Although you'll find very few people willing to argue that Reaves wasn't already the most feared fighter in the NHL.

(Before you say it, no, Tom Wilson isn't more feared than Reaves. Stop with that.)

Reaves Is One Of The NHL's Last Old-School Enforcers

Reaves only dropped the gloves three times last year, which is far from the tallies you'd see from enforcers of decades passed.

But that's because as enforcers continue to get phased out of the league, you'll find fewer dance partners if you're someone like Reaves.

The Blue Shirts get their season underway against the Tampa Bay Lightning on October 11. Expect to see Reaves drop the gloves a few more times this season. However, he'll need to up his play if he wants to be in the lineup.

The Rangers should be good enough that they're easily in playoff contention. This means Reaves' 5 goals and 8 assists for 13 points in 69 games may not keep him in the lineup every night.

Sure, you don't sign Reaves for his offensive production. That said the Rangers can surely slot someone else in who can deliver more than physicality.

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