'Purge': Mike Leach Offers Hilarious Pitch For New Mississippi State AD

Mississippi State coach Mike Leach continues to be one of the funniest men in all of sports.

The Bulldogs are on the search for a new athletic director after John Cohen left for Auburn, and as we all know, there's no more important position at a college than football coach.

So, what kind of pitch does Leach have for whoever will end up being his new boss? Well, he described the program in Starkville in a way that only he could.

"It's a great place, It's not perfect. I would definitely purge a couple but not very many which is less than most places," Leach told the media Monday after news broke about the AD leaving.

Mike Leach continues to be the gift that keeps on giving.

Leach is truly the ultimate content king, and he doesn't even do it on purpose. It's just who he is at the end of the day.

Most guys would probably pitch the hell out of their school and program. Leach took a slightly different approach.

He said the athletic department in Starkville is "great," but he would still "purge" some stuff and people. He's talking like he's preparing for "Game of Thrones."

Also, only Mike Leach can really get away with comments like this. Imagine if some random coach claimed he wanted to purge things in this athletic department because "it's not perfect."

That would likely result in a stern talking to from the AD. With Leach, you just chalk it up to his personality and honesty. Remember, this is the same man that gives wedding advice like it's going out of style.

After Leach's awesome endorsement of the situation at Mississippi State, candidates should be lining up around the block.