Pure Pandemonium As Auburn Student Sinks Full-Court Putt For Brand New Car, Sold-Out Crowd Goes Wild

Auburn basketball lost to Alabama on Saturday, but one of its students will be quick to get over the loss. He won a brand-new car by sinking a 94-foot putt!

Late in the second half, Auburn Plainsman (the school's student newspaper) sports writer Craig Noyes was pulled out of the stands during a media timeout. His task was simple, but not easy:

Make a full-court putt, win a brand-new Toyota from Lynch Toyota of Auburn.

Noyes lined up at one end of the court and was handed a putter. On the far baseline, a poster stood with a small cutout in the middle.

It was a minuscule hole on hardwood, so there is no way to judge the speed or the line. That didn't matter for Noyes.

With ice in his veins, he stepped up to the ball, lined up his putt and let it rip.

The roll looked pretty good right out of the gates. And then it just kept getting bettr.

As the ball crept closer and closer to the small cutout, every fan in the building held their collective breath and sat on the edge of their seats until... THE PUTT WENT IN!

Auburn Arena went absolutely bonkers as Noyes couldn't believe what had just happened.

It may have been the loudest moment of the entire afternoon!

Noyes, putter still in hand, was absolutely beside himself as he returned to the Auburn student section as a legend. He was the first person to make the putt since 2014.

Here is the best look at Noyes' unbelievable roll from behind the baseline in the upper deck:

The replay angle also offers perspective on just how improbable it was for Noyes to put the ball in the hole:

Noyes did not have a car prior to Saturday's basketball Iron Bowl. Now he is the proud soon-to-be owner of a brand new Toyota!